Letters to the Editor

Careless verbiage spreads fear

The Texas hunters in your article on Monday were indicted for shooting each other. The headline and verbiage in your article, “Hunters charged in Texas shooting had blamed immigrants” did not make this clear and only serve to foster unfounded bias against undocumented immigrants. Missing the three letters, “h-a-d” would change a reader’s image of what happened. “Hunters charged in Texas shooting falsely blamed immigrants” would have been a much clearer headline.

According to The Washington Post, within days of the shooting, however, the sheriff‘s office said there was “no evidence that suggests cross-border violence” and “no sign of human pedestrian traffic leading to or from the ranch that night.” By then, however, the rumors had already spread. A rancher and family friend in Arizona released a statement based on the Daugherty family’s account, describing the incident as a brutal, calculated attack by illegal aliens. Sid Miller, the Texas agriculture commissioner, shared the story with his 400,000-plus followers on Facebook.

This is how baseless fear and hate are spread.

The last phrase in your article, “… and tried to steal an RV…” was totally irrelevant, and would better have read, “but authorities say they shot each other.”

Please be more careful in the future. Lives are at stake.

Shih-In Ma, Bellefonte