Letters to the Editor

Representation for all constituents

Gerrymandering has left too many Pennsylvanians without representation. This is painfully true for Erie County. It is also true for a good many of Rep. Glenn Thompson’s constituents.

His district looks like an octopus with its tendrils spread from central Pennsylvania to the northwestern border, the western border and the southern border.

Erie County represents one of those tendrils. We deserve to have representatives in government who hold regular town hall meetings at the Erie County Library, live and in person. And again, we want it at the Erie County Library. The Manufacturers and Business Association is too diminutive, literally and figuratively.

Thompson’s phone town hall meetings are not acceptable, because over the phone, he controls the conversation, which allows him to ignore dissent.

Didn’t Thompson take an oath to represent all of his constituents, even the ones who did not vote for him?

Thompson must start taking his oath seriously. His votes affect all of us! We are tired of paying taxes without being represented.

Hugh McCartney, North East