Letters to the Editor

Additional details on historic site

Following up on your Feb. 19 article on the local historic ironmasters site Curtin Village, I am offering additional details.

The family heirs actually sold the Curtin property to the not-for-profit Roland Curtin Foundation for the Preservation of Eagle Furnace. Subsequently, in the late ’60s, the foundation turned it over to the state’s Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission in Harrisburg.

In 2015, a new board of directors of the Roland Curtin Foundation was convened again by PHMC and first met in December of that year. An early endeavor was a successful application to the Centre County Convention and Visitors Bureau in the tourism grant category. It was awarded in mid-2016 for a fine new kitchen rehabilitation in a separate modern building near the mansion (not the mansion’s historic kitchen, which is intact). It is being rebuilt according to Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture standards and will be available for the summer season, allowing for the sale of food at events.

With the exception of the grant project, PHMC professionally has funded and overseen the significant and ongoing restoration underway as well as maintenance of buildings and grounds as part of the revitalization program at Curtin Village.

All are welcome to come and see for yourselves when the season opens the first weekend in June.

Jeanne T. Newlin, Bellefonte

Newlin is secretary of the Roland Curtin Foundation