Letters to the Editor

Draw districts independently

Tom Duran’s letter on Monday offered one perspective regarding Rep. Glenn Thompson’s representation of those of us who live in the 5th District. Here’s another.

The reason a group of 5th District constituents showed up at Thompson’s office and “audaciously” demanded a town hall is clear to anyone whose views differ from the straight-line Republican agenda. His voting record reflects that he is indifferent. Unfortunately, the hard reality is that he has no incentive to become more responsive.

Like most other congressional districts in Pennsylvania, the borders of the 5th District have been drawn to give considerable advantage to Republican voters. This gives Republicans and Thompson a huge advantage at election time. It also reduces the need for our elected official to be responsive to constituents with differing views. In spite of being a regular voter, when it comes to the 5th District race, I have come to feel that neither my input nor my vote really matters. While Duran may feel well represented by Thompson, others of us in the district would consider it a victory just to have our views on important issues reflected by Thompson some of the time.

Personally, I think all of us would benefit by eliminating the partisan manipulation of voting districts. Election outcomes should not be determined before the first vote is cast. Let’s elect to have our districts transparently drawn by an independent commission. That opportunity can exist — if enough Pennsylvanians support Pennsylvania Senate Bill 22.

Ron Williams, Pennsylvania Furnace