Letters to the Editor

Women’s sports pioneer still alive

The article in the Feb. 16 CDT about Marty Adams and women’s sports at Penn State gave a list of names of people who contributed to developing those sports at the university.

The list included the name of Bob Scannell, who was then the dean of the College of Physical Education. It also said that Adams was the last surviving member of the group. That is not correct. I was at a dinner event with Scannell a few days before the article appeared, and he is very much alive.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the article was the pay disparity between men and women coaches. In the 1980s, university President Bryce Jordan appointed a Commission on the Status of Women at Penn State. I was on that commission. One of our recommendations, which was implemented, was that the salary of women coaches be increased to provide equity with male coaches. (Football was not included.)

Edward H. Klevans, State College