Letters to the Editor

What happened to honor, decency?

A question myself and many of my friends have been asking is, “What has happened to honor and decency?”

I was raised in a Christian household where my mother worked for the church. My grandfather, my father (a good Eisenhower Republican), and myself all served in the U.S. Navy. My grandfather was a fireman and my dad was a cop. Though they’re both deceased, I believe I can speak for them and say that they loved their community and their country and showed it with their service. I, too, love my community and my country, but I am saddened by the values that characterize the direction we seem to be heading.

Every day I see more anger, divisiveness and bigotry than I’ve ever seen before. My family, my church and the Navy all taught me inclusiveness, cooperation, and respect. I also learned that disagreeing on issues is not a license for the degradation or humiliation of any individual, but rather serves as an opportunity for personal growth.

My community includes people of many faiths, origins, genders, sexual orientations and political identities. I am grateful for the part each one of them has played in making me who I am. To all of them, and to my friends who live abroad, I find myself apologizing for the insensitivity and abrasiveness of our leaders. This is not the America I volunteered to serve, and this is not the America I learned to love. Whatever did happen to honor and decency?

James Miller, State College