Letters to the Editor

Un-American to dismiss dissent

Activist is not a dirty word. Especially not in the United States, which was founded by activists like Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, to name just a few.

These men spoke out against injustice with their pens and their voices; and they organized protests and eventually a revolution when government was unresponsive.

It is un-American for the president to dismiss voices of dissent by accusing them of being activists. It makes no difference if someone is being paid. Not when the richest activists in the world, the fossil fuel industry, have bought most of Congress and a seat in his Cabinet.

Seeking to squeeze out every last bit of profit from our planet’s resources, without regard for American jobs or the environment, these fossil fuel activists will drag our nation backward; away from innovation and the clean jobs; and away from a clean sustainable future for our grandchildren.

We should be leading the way to an economy rooted in renewable energy, not talking about how great it would be to bring back coal jobs. It is true that coal energy fueled our industrial development, but at a huge cost. Air and water quality deteriorated and countless miners lost their lives to black lung disease.

Help make America a great leader in innovation again. And if you want to criticize political activism, start with Exxon Mobil.

Jean Najjar, State College