Letters to the Editor

Don’t let us become River City

Phil Edmunds’ thoughts were excellent in his Feb. 25 op-ed, “PSU should establish disincentive to fix alcohol abuse problem.”

I sent it with my letter to Penn State Athletics on alcohol sales at Beaver Stadium, Pegula and the BJC in 2017. State Patty’s Day? Eight p.m. football games? Top 10 party school? Hurrah.

Let’s have lots of alcohol and no free speech. Huh? OK, the University Park Undergraduate Association president didn’t address alcohol. Better he had. He said worse: “It (opinion) must always come second to the higher purpose.” Now if he had said “higher power,” I would totally agree. He desires the old trustee regime (as in dissenters shall not be). As socialists and communists still don’t understand those ideologies are kaput via proven failure, so will the old trustee way, no matter Mimi’s applause. As to free speech secondary — give me liberty.

Meanwhile, State College/PSU’s sanctuary city status has spread rapidly. Perhaps Oscar Hernandez (illegal alien deported in 2013) thought to find refuge at a local (participating sanctuary) church within city limits. Proper tag “illegal alien” mine, not CDT’s. He’s not a migrant, not an immigrant, not an undocumented immigrant; but, a lawbreaking illegal alien.

Gladly, Hernandez isn’t a victory for open borders, cheap labor, fueled by alcohol and irrationality; and, the god liberalism is wounded. Sadly, his wife, child, neighbor, and those on I-99 paid the price on Friday.

Trombones or salt licks.

Joe Rech, Philipsburg