Letters to the Editor

Scared for future of Constitution

As the president predicted, there were no news reports about six-block long lines waiting to get into the CPAC meeting. But not because the press is biased and intent on hiding the truth, but because there were no such lines. It was fiction, to quote the phrase the president is so fond of using, “fake news.”

Most of us, as am I, are probably predisposed to ignore bald-faced lies because they are too ridiculous to pay any attention to. But lies that undermine our freedoms, our country, our way of life need to be countered. This lie may be no big thing in and of itself. Just cocky aggrandizement. But when the lie is used to besmirch the free press, the last constitutionally based bastions against totalitarianism, we need to speak out and pronounce the truth against such lies. And, remember, our next-to-last defense, the federal court system, is also under tweet attack.

If we are quiet now, will we acquiesce when some news sources are not just shut out of meetings, but shut down? When the courts are not just intimidated but ignored or even abolished? This is not about Republican or Democratic or liberal or conservative. Whether Winston Churchill or George Santayana first voiced the idea, it seems true that if we forget history we are doomed to repeat it. Rightly or wrongly, and I hope wrongly, I am honestly scared for the future of our Constitution and our country.

God Bless America.

Ross Adams, Boalsburg