Letters to the Editor

‘I would rather be forgotten’

The president and GOP House of Representatives proposed a blueprint for tax reform. It includes 2 percent higher taxes for singles making $12,000 to $19,650 per year and couples making $24,000 to $39,500 per year. This is equivalent to is a week’s pay going to people who make more than $192,000 per year, whose taxes go down 3 percent.

That $240 to $790 per year means the difference between paying a mortgage payment, a winter heating bill, saving for a child’s education or even buying groceries for a month. For a family, like mine, that ends each month with $25 in the checking account, that is enormous.

A working person who earns minimum wage already struggles to pay rents, which have skyrocketed in most cities. Now they will pay an entire check so the people who underpay them in the first place can pay less.

If this is how we remember the “forgotten,” I would rather be forgotten.

Phyllis C. Baker,

Centre Hall