Letters to the Editor

Pope will lead us to brighter future

As Penn State alumni, we are preparing to cast our votes in the upcoming board of trustees election.

In making these choices, how do we measure the value and worth of each board member? Do we look for dedication? Experience? Their ability to bring people together? Their understanding of the present challenges? Their vision for the future?

We all must be discerning when making our selections. We have a candidate running for re-election who represents everything that we need and could want as an alumni-elected member to the board. Alice Pope is calm, steady, focused and dedicated.

Group dynamics are important within this board. Her presence has a positive influence on everyone. I have known Pope for almost 50 years. Her ethics are above reproach.

Pope has a deep and abiding love for Penn State. Give her the opportunity to help protect our traditions, improve the status quo and lead us into a brighter future. Vote for Alice Pope!

Dale Wallgren Prugar, Indianapolis