Letters to the Editor

Undermining democracy

President Donald Trump’s most egregious offense is his willful erosion of public confidence in facts and fact-driven democracy. In public statements and tweets, Trump vilifies the independent press, science and our national security agencies, ignoring both federal and non-government data. Fact-based reporting and inside leaks are “lies” from the “opposition.” Trump bans award-winning media from the White House, while Fox News editorialists blow White House megaphones.

Fact: U.S. crime rates have fallen steeply, but Trump would have us live in fear. Fact: Toddlers with guns killed more people in 2015 in the U.S. than Jihadi extremists. Trump supporters fight gun control and applaud immigrant extradition. Armies of armed Immigration and Customs Enforcement forces loyal to Trump pose a far greater threat to our democracy than illegal immigrants working at low-paying jobs and paying Social Security taxes. ICE and “The Wall” will cost billions.

Trump willfully rejects climate science. Fact: For 50 years thousands of scientists, using multiple methods and data sources, have demonstrated that Earth warming is real, caused mainly by CO2 from fossil fuel combustion, and a present death threat for many populations. How will deniers respond when billions of coastal dwellers, displaced by sea-level rise, become immigrants?

Trumps’ feigned climate ignorance legitimized Scott Pruitt, the fossil fuel champion, as chief EPA dismantler and provided cover for Sen. Pat Toomey’s vote for Scott Pruitt — maybe a first installment on Toomey’s debt to the Koch brothers?

Keep fighting tyranny and lies! Trump’s goal is to blur truth and undermine American institutions fundamental to democracy.

Dorothy A. Blair, Boalsburg