Letters to the Editor

Put athletic funds where they belong

So Penn State men’s basketball coach Patrick Chambers appreciates Sandy Barbour’s support for his efforts.

Well why not? After all, he’s being paid about $1 million per year to coach a team to another horrible record, with no invitation to the NCAA tournament, and with less than special attendance in a wonderful venue like the BJC.

Here’s my solution: Fire

Chambers and pay his $1 million salary to coach Cael Sanderson. After all, Penn State’s wrestling team has won five of the past six NCAA championships, and may well repeat again this year. Coach Sanderson’s team fills Rec Hall and/or the BJC to capacity for every home competition, and he has produced many national champions and dozens of All-Americans in his years at Penn State.

How about if we put Penn State’s athletic funds where they belong and where they actually accomplish something?

Charles Prebish, State College