Letters to the Editor

Just wondering ...

Rumor has it the Republican Party will build a wall between Mexico and the U.S.

What about Russia?

Why not spend this money for education and medical insurance?

What funds will pay for this structure?

Why do children of Penn State employees pay only 25 percent tuition? Is this true?

Maybe the child of a day laborer wants to go to college and cannot afford it. Maybe this child, if afforded the opportunity to go to college, is the one to find a cure for cancer, or other notable conquests.

Why do politicians need to seek advice from lobbyists? Don’t the people elect their senators and representatives?

Where did mineral rights come into play? Did not the winnings of 1776 grant property ownership to any U.S. citizen? But yet, if a property owner does not claim mineral rights some other company can lay claim to the level of ground beneath property ownership? Equality and justice for all?

Why do Republicans want to do away with the Affordable Care Act? Do they want to kill their fellow Americans who cannot afford health care? Some say that thousands of U.S. citizens could die in 2017 without health care. Help the U.S. citizens. Don’t kill them.

I’m speaking as a Vietnam War veteran who fought for freedom.

Gilbert R. Biggans, Clarence