Letters to the Editor

Respect for all PSU coaches

During my career at Penn State, I had the privilege of working with basketball coach Bruce Parkhill. I also was a colleague and friend to many of our outstanding coaches. Rich Lorenzo was my teaching mentor. Hachiro Oishi and John Fritz are friends.

Though my expertise is in basketball, Cael Sanderson and his entire wrestling family have welcomed me personally and professionally.

Among us are individuals who epitomize the “We Are” of Penn State. At the top of that list is Pat Chambers. I am bothered when people like Charles Prebish criticize Chambers, particularly when Prebish has never coached men’s basketball in the Big Ten.

Fact: Men’s basketball brings in more revenue than wrestling. That in no way minimizes Sanderson’s unprecedented success.

Fact: The BJC is not a good basketball venue. (Duke’s gym is a Rec Hall duplicate)

Coach Chambers has worked tirelessly in reuniting alums, recruiting great student-athletes, making everyone who enters the hoops family share in his vision of competing well and riding atop the Big Ten.

I’m grateful for the contributions of most of us who call Happy Valley home. Salary envy and ignorance don’t foster respect for what every coach strives for ... Excellence ... Success with Honor.

Here’s to Joe Paterno, Russ Rose, Harry Groves, Gene Wettstone, Gillian Rattray, Tim Curley, E.P., Char Morett-Curtiss, Beth Alford-Sullivan, Sue Sheetz, Tom Tait and all those who make up the Penn State I love.

I’ll enjoy watching Pat and Cael in the years ahead.

Mike Morse, State College