Letters to the Editor

Support for fairer districts

Despite their majorities in both the House and Senate, the Republicans are currently unable to obtain majorities to pass health care legislation. The proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act has raised the ire of far right conservatives in the House and galvanized the opposition of four moderate Republicans in the Senate.

In the past, legislators would often reach across the aisle to forge a compromise on important issues that better reflected views and concerns of their constituents. One reason that no longer happens is the extreme gerrymandering that has occurred in the past decade. This leads to people with more extreme views getting elected. Furthermore, congressmen in gerrymandered districts don’t need to be responsive to constituents in the middle, because they do not have to worry about being re-elected.

Fair Districts Pa. and its local branch, Fair Districts Centre County, are supporting efforts to create fair, nonpartisan drawing of congressional and state legislative districts. Please join our effort by going to our webpage or Facebook page, and by contacting your state representative and senator to tell them you support a fair system of drawing district lines in Pennsylvania.

Steve Zarit, State College