Letters to the Editor

Cut the pep talks

Am I the only WPSU fan who can’t stand those 10- to 15-minute pep talks given to us by the horribly repetitive cheerleaders?

Over and over we hear that 10-digit phone number we should call, to make a pledge, so that they can send us a letter reminding us to write that check, which I could have done in the first place without making a call.

For decades, I have tried to convince them to get a simple three-digit PO number and post it someplace in one of the lower corners. If I liked one of your programs, I would probably write my check and stuff it into an envelope, all in two minutes, rather than making a call and having a problem understanding what the volunteer is asking me to do.

And I would absolutely never pledge anything over the internet.

Gert Aron, Boalsburg