Letters to the Editor

Quality care not guaranteed

President Donald Trump has promised that no one will lose their medical insurance and that everyone will be able to afford quality health care. But for those people who live paycheck to paycheck, who are always one unexpected bill away from falling into a financial downward spiral, Trumpcare is a disaster.

The rollback of Medicaid in 2020 provides that those enrolled at that time can keep their coverage, but others in a similar financial situation may no longer be eligible. For those whose coverage continues, a small raise can eliminate their eligibility, and if they get laid off later, they’ve lost their guaranteed coverage.

For those currently buying on the marketplace, there will be no premium subsidies based on income. Trumpcare offers tax credits based on age, so a 24-year-old making $17,000 per year would get the same $2,000 credit as a 24-year-old making $70,000 and that amount won’t change if premiums increase.

The situation is worse for older Americans — insurance companies can charge them five times as much as young people, but the tax credit only increases to $4,000. If a financial setback means premiums can’t be paid and coverage is lost, insurance companies can charge a 30 percent higher premium to re-enroll. Paying premiums goes from being hard to being impossible, leaving people without access to preventive care and vulnerable to spiraling medical bills in the event of serious illness.

Given its many other problems, it’s clear that Trumpcare does not guarantee quality health care.

Mary Margaret Hart, Benner Township