Letters to the Editor

New health plan scams middle class

I think I’m starting to get it … why it seems like Rep. Glenn Thompson and the other Republicans don’t have any compassion or conscience.

I kept trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, look at all that stuff they said about helping the middle-class, blue-collar workers, people who lost their job because of immigrants or unfair foreign competition; draining the swamp; bringing back coal; building a wall; better medical coverage for everyone and at much lower cost; etc.

But now, with their version of “ACA repeal and replace” — which is clearly designed to take from the poor and elderly (less coverage at higher cost) and give to the rich (much lower taxes on high income) — even I can figure out what’s going on.

We’ve been duped; it’s been a gigantic scam on the middle class. They just said it because they figured that’s what people wanted to hear and they could get elected. After this example, how can anyone think the Republicans really care about the common man?

I guess a wolf can only wear a sheep’s clothing for so long before the wool starts to get all itchy and they have to take off the costume. Ugh!

Jim Maund, State College