Letters to the Editor

Cantorna cares about community

I have supported Bernie Cantorna from the moment he announced his candidacy because I know from personal experience the kind of upstanding person he is.

In 2013, our family retained him in a professional capacity for the wrongful death of my brother. He worked very hard for our family, pro bono, for more than nine months, handling a very sensitive, emotional situation with compassion, care and due diligence. In the end, he believed that it was in the best interest of his clients, our family, not to pursue legal action, and our family agreed with him wholeheartedly after he explained why.

The likelihood of winning a medical malpractice lawsuit is always slim; he did not want our family to have to endure a very painful, long and costly trial. He could have recommended we continue, and financially benefited off our family’s devastating loss and insurmountable pain, but he did the ethical thing, and put our best interest as his clients first. That is the kind of compassion and ethics that I look for in a DA who will be interacting with and representing our county and the victims of crimes.

I support him because I know him to be an upstanding, honest individual with a brilliant legal mind. I believe he will bring integrity and transparency back to the DA’s office, so that all of us are reassured that justice is being served, and being done so fairly and ethically.

I support Cantorna because he genuinely cares about our community.

Erin Wise Fisher, Boalsburg