Letters to the Editor

Mower treats all with respect

Mower treats all with respect

Steve Mower’s friendly, knowledgeable communication about the neighborhoods and how borough decisions affect you will make him an outstanding State College Borough Council member.

He appreciates and respects all viewpoints and treats all individuals with respect. He believes in downtown development that benefits everyone. Mower has solid consensus-building skills honed over 18 years serving as a management spokesman for negotiations with UAW and United Steelworkers, as well as executive leadership in human resources for a multinational corporation.

As Mower says, “Growth isn’t just about foresight and conscientious planning. It is about people and how each decision will impact all of us: residents, students, local businesses and our partners.”

I encourage all borough residents to vote for Mower on the Democratic ballot or write him in on the Republican ballot on May 16.

Marcia Heitzmann, State College