Letters to the Editor

Cooper will stand up for students

BugPAC is a local political action committee that is endorsing and helping the campaigns of three borough council member candidates — Marina Cotarelo, Dan Murphy, Evan Myers — as well as mayoral candidate Michael Black. It’s an open secret on campus how BugPAC is vigorously and aggressively targeting the fraternities and sororities to vote for these candidates.

Oddly enough, BugPAC wasn’t created by somebody in the Interfraternity Council — it was founded by the ex-presidents of the undergraduate and graduate student governments who apparently had enough money to spend their last months as students swaying an election neither of them will have to live with.

I hope these fraternity and sorority members look into the only undergraduate student running, Rylie Cooper. When you’re considering who’s going to be fair for undergraduates, it’s pretty obvious that she’s the only one who’s going to stand up for the fraternities. The frats are largely safe and a benefit to the community while protecting students and townspeople alike from ones with a predatory history, which are giving the entirety of IFC a bad name and risking its future.

Cooper will be here to serve her term. Cotarelo is graduating in May, along with the two students who decided to put thousands of dollars into this race for what looks to be a resume builder. If you ask me, Cooper is the only pro-student candidate, and everybody should question the intentions of a group that didn’t even reach out to her, the only student actually running.

Kelly Lynch, State College