Letters to the Editor

Marshall will make all parties proud

I am writing in support of Brian Marshall, the Democratic candidate for the Centre County Judge of Common Pleas.

Cross-filing in the primary election makes things confusing. Marshall’s name on the Democratic ballot appears second after the Republican. However, Marshall is the only registered Democratic candidate. While judges are impartial on individual cases, their political party affiliation does matter, since it often reflects their social values. People join parties that they feel best represent them. Marshall is the true Democrat.

I know Marshall personally and he is the candidate with the right temperament. He will make a calm, thoughtful and respectful judge. He is so well respected as an attorney that he was elected by his peers as president of the Centre County Bar Association.

In his law practice with Miller, Kistler and Campbell, he focuses on family law, seeking the best results for families in their time of greatest need. Since family law cases comprise a large percentage of cases heard in this court, Marshall is the perfect candidate.

On May 16, vote for Brian Marshall. He will be a judge with compassion and respect. He has the temperament that will make people of all political parties very proud.

Susan Werner, Ferguson Township