Letters to the Editor

Lombardi uniquely prepared

In the May 16 primary, voters in Magisterial District Justice Court 49-02-01 have a challenging decision to make as there are seven people running for the position.

In deciding who will best serve, it is important to consider one of the most important functions for a district magistrate and that is the ability to supervise police officers. As a person’s liberty may be at stake, the judge must carefully weigh the circumstances and the officer’s decision against a thorough understanding of the law and our constitution.

In voting for a candidate, the judge’s ability to properly supervise the police is a critical skill. Of all the candidates, only one has this necessary experience and that is Louis Lombardi. After graduating from Penn State, he spent 15 years as a supervisor in the New York City Police Department, serving as a sergeant, lieutenant and captain.

Returning to Centre County nearly 10 years ago, Lombardi has used this valuable supervisory experience as both a law instructor and a practicing attorney. The countless tough decisions he has made in the past, coupled with his education, have uniquely prepared him for this position.

Can the other candidates offer this same combination of knowledge, skill, ability and judicial independence? The answer is no, and that is why I will be voting for Lombardi and urge others to do the same.

Tom Davis, State College