Letters to the Editor

Black’s talents will enhance borough

Michael Black and I went to graduate school together and we have been friends ever since. After nearly 30 years of friendship (and life in State College), I really cannot imagine a better candidate to be our mayor — and I am grateful to Michael for his willingness to step up to this challenge.

I am not a Democrat (or a Republican), so I am not speaking at all from a party perspective — or even a political one. I just have the vantage point of seeing Michael Black, the whole person, not the candidate most of you will get to know publicly.

What I would want each resident and voter to know is that no matter what I have seen Black do, he puts his whole self into it — whether cooking, parenting, creating, coaching, working or playing. In fact, when making a decision, my husband and I often ask ourselves, “What would Michael Black do?” So it sincerely excites me to think how Michael’s talents will translate into “mayoring.”

I have no doubt that his vision for our community will help us to be a more vibrant and creative one. I’m so glad you’re offering your boundless energy to our community, Michael.

Laurie Mulvey, State College