Letters to the Editor

Pick Parks Miller to curtail drug industry

For the same reason the Smeltzers asked you to vote against Stacy Parks Miller for district attorney, I urge you to keep her in office.

I also lost my only child to an overdose. He was four weeks clean; determined to quit. He — innately reluctant to share any information about himself — came out to friends, grandparents and me. An unfortunate event pushed him into such pain he relapsed.

Max died not from a weakness of will, but rather a dose of heroin cut with Fentanyl — nearly always fatal. The provider is still at-large.

Victims have rights to influence sentencing in all cases. I do not fault the Smeltzers’ choice. However, I believe our current DA is the right choice if we want to curtail the drug industry in Centre County.

Stacy Parks Miller cares. She has generously given of herself to hear my story. Parks Miller is on the frontline, combating opioid/opiate abuse. She spearheaded the “drug court” that will assist certain offenders toward treatment rather than prosecution. She is instrumental in the HOPE initiative promoting public knowledge/resources assisting users, potential users, schools, families and friends. Parks Miller is knowledgeable and motivated to lessen the flow of drugs into our area — why should we lose momentum with an inexperienced person?

I fervently urge you to vote for DA Stacy Parks Miller. Otherwise, who knows if my son’s case will ever come to a close? That prospect is something I could not bear.

Karen Andrus-Smith, Snow Shoe