Letters to the Editor

Black cares about State College

I am pleased and excited to see that Michael Black is running for mayor of State College.

My husband and I met Michael about 25 years ago when he bought our home on North Allen Street in College Heights. That street had become a busy thruway that connected Park Avenue with North Atherton. It was frustrating to us that our small neighborhood was subjected to constant traffic that was noisy and potentially unsafe to young children. Mornings and early evenings were especially bad. It was clear that homes along this street were becoming rentals.

We sold our home to Michael and felt lucky to remain in College Heights on a quieter street. Within a short time, we learned that Michael Black and a few neighbors had started the process to develop the diverter plan to keep the Park Avenue traffic off of Allen. At the time, I did not give it much hope. It certainly never entered my mind to propose such a plan, let alone see it through the entire process.

Change is hard and the diverters had their naysayers, but people have adjusted and thanks to Michael, the College Heights community has remained a vibrant family neighborhood. Michael has not changed all these years later.

I’m confident whatever the task at hand he will work easily with others and accomplish the goals at hand. Michael is community-minded and cares deeply about State College. Thanks, Michael for stepping up once again!

Melissa Carpenter, State College