Letters to the Editor

Restore confidence in justice system

Some elections transcend political affiliation. This year’s Centre County district attorney contest is one of those. In fact, this race could be the most important in recent memory.

The public’s confidence in our criminal justice system hangs in the balance. Justice knows no party affiliation. Justice doesn’t seek favoritism or personal gain. Justice is fair, even-handed and ethical. Justice should be beyond reproach.

It’s time to bring the true meaning of justice back to Centre County. There is a candidate in the DA race who will do just that: Bernie Cantorna.

Cantorna brings a wealth of legal and professional experience to the job. He is a proven leader, coach and legal educator with the temperament to be both innovative and effective. I find his strategies to develop and mentor attorneys and administrative staff in the DA’s office refreshing. Cantorna understands that a fully functioning office only happens with a team that works well together and is respected and valued.

I have had the opportunity to work with many dedicated professionals in our judicial and criminal justice system and in my view, Cantorna would rank among the best. Our DA’s office needs Cantorna.

Cantorna will appear on the Democratic ballots, but just because the Republicans do not have a candidate does not mean they do not have a choice; just fill in the write-in oval under the district attorney race and write in with Bernie Cantorna.

Please help restore confidence in our criminal justice system.

Steve Dershem, Bellefonte

The writer is a Centre County commissioner.