Letters to the Editor

Hahn equipped to guide borough

Don Hahn should be State College’s next mayor.

He has lived in Centre County his entire life; I have known him since he began practicing in State College 25 years ago. His well-known public work on borough council; his private work as a well respected attorney, and his personal contributions to the community have prepared him for this job and demonstrate the contribution he could make, if elected.

As presiding officer of borough council, he would be fair and would foster constructive debate on council, efficient municipal decision-making with full opportunity for citizen input, and the courteous reception of public opinion.

In reviewing ordinances and deciding whether to sign or veto, he would not only draw on his 12 years of experience on borough council and two years as council president, but would also encourage public input and community involvement.

There are many issues facing State College that require a sure, experienced hand at the helm of town government, and Hahn is equipped to provide that hand.

Moreover, as ceremonial head of State College, he would not only be a welcoming face for diversity and inclusion in State College, but would also advocate for greater commitment to the environment, education and public safety in Harrisburg and Washington.

Amos Goodall, State College