Letters to the Editor

Black fits the job

We write to convey our enthusiastic support for an enthusiastic individual for mayor of State College: Michael Black. Initially, it was quite a surprise when Michael told us he was considering a run for elected office. Our reaction did not, in any way, stem from an uncertainty about his capabilities. On the contrary, our surprise came from our excitement that someone as capable as Michael would throw his hat into the ring. For several reasons, we are delighted he did.

Michael’s talents and impact are best represented by his unbounded energy, his intuitive grasp of the issues, his fearlessness and compassion and his complete surrender to the love of his place — State College and Centre County. He embraces the issues with curiosity, intelligence and engagement mixed with some healthy skepticism. He is willing to take risks and try new things. His innate leadership character is imbued with humor, humility and panache.

When we reflect back on our 33 wonderful years in this community and we consider Michael Black as the new mayor, a single strong impression emerges. He fits the job. Michael has the character, the passion, the creative flair and perceptive touch to continue the servant leadership Arnold Addison, Bill Welch and Elizabeth Goreham have brought to the office and to our community. While the terminology we learned in our civics class categorizes State College as a “weak mayor/strong council” form of government, the humane and principled leadership along with strong character of our servant-leader mayors has been a blessing to our community. We urge you to support Michael Black for mayor and to continue a tradition that fits.

Kevin and Georgia Abbey, Ferguson Township