Letters to the Editor

Inspiring candidates

As a local artist, I’ve made my mark on State College portraying those who make this town special. Through the Inspiration Mural on Hiester Street, I’ve depicted hundreds of town-and-gown leaders of all ages and all walks of life. Those images include townspeople, students, administrators and other local leaders.

That’s really what makes State College special. That combination of ages and interests, all drawn together by the common magic of this town.

The local election is crucial to ensuring that all of these groups are represented and heard. It is with that in mind that I support four candidates for mayor and Borough Council running in the Democratic primary on May 16.

Michael Black, Marina Cotarelo, Evan Myers and Dan Murphy represent this diversity that makes State College so special. I am confident that they will bring this town together to create some “inspiration” of our own.

This town has been full of great leaders and inspirational people. Black, Cotarelo, Myers and Murphy are four such inspirational people and will inspire others with their work. The four of them bring unique skill sets and backgrounds, and together, I know they will make State College a better place for everyone. I urge you to support them on May 16.

Michael Pilato, State College