Letters to the Editor

We all care about State College

As the chairman of BugPAC, I am responding to Sunday’s letter, “Cooper will stand up for students.”

Our organization and its intentions were mischaracterized by the campaign staff of another borough council candidate. BugPAC’s mission is simple: We believe Penn State students are residents, equal to anyone else who lives in the borough, and deserve to be heard in our local government. We have endorsed four candidates — Michael Black, Marina Cotarelo, Dan Murphy, and Evan Myers — who we believe will adequately consider the voices of all State College residents when making decisions for the town.

BugPAC is supported by hundreds of students and long-term residents and is led by a steering committee of more than 15 students from diverse organizations.

Our endorsement is not a slight to the efforts of Cooper. On the contrary, I believe Cooper would make a better Borough Council member than most sitting members. Aside from her campaign staff continually spreading misinformation, Cooper has proved to be a strong candidate. We believe our missions are aligned, and are disappointed in her campaign’s characterization of our efforts.

The letter is incorrect. Both myself and my co-chairman, with 11 years of residency in State College between us, have found employment and will remain in State College for years to come. The amount given by our generous donors far exceeds any amount we have contributed personally.

We all care a lot about State College, and we can only achieve equality if we respect one another.

Kevin Horne, State College