Letters to the Editor

Thompson doing a good job

I’ve noticed a pattern of cynical comments about Rep. Glenn Thompson in the past several letters to the editor. I simply wanted to say that I believe he is doing a good job for our district.

I was glad to see he criticized the GOP health care bill. I do believe that The Affordable Care Act is failing right before our eyes. The continually increasing premiums and co-payments along with the more restrictive nature of care is clearly not helping poor and working families. But Thompson didn’t just jump on the first replacement to come by. I’m glad he is taking a considered approach and guiding that particular bill back to the negotiating table where better outcomes can hopefully be reached.

I also don’t blame the congressman for not having a town hall meeting. I have been watching these shouting matches disguised as town halls. It becomes clear that a good portion of the audience is not there to participate rather they are there to shout down opposing speech and only give voice to their agenda. I don’t think it is incumbent on Thompson to impersonate a pin iota for an hour to appease the mob.

The biggest factor for me is that our representative stay principled in his approach to improving our economy, keep taxes reasonable, work to make health care premiums something we can afford, and contribute to a foreign policy that keeps our country safe. In these respects, I believe Thompson is doing a good job.

Joseph Falcone, Bellefonte