Letters to the Editor

Murphy is a mentor

As a Penn State student, I worked with Dan Murphy briefly in the summer of 2015.

In working with him, I learned that Murphy devotes 200 percent to everything he does. He stays up late to get the job(s) done and gets up early to show off his work. Murphy never compromises when it comes to doing the right thing, even when it goes against what he personally wants.

Murphy is a mentor. One time during the course of my work with him, I was in a unique position that gave me control of a popular campus resource. I enjoyed that feeling, but I felt guilty about it. It didn’t feel right to relish in power. I told Murphy that I secretly found pleasure in the experience, expecting him to scold me and confirm that it wasn’t right to feel such a thing. He thought about it, looked back at me and said “I hope you find that feeling in everything you do.” What I was feeling was pride and purpose, but I wasn’t able to identify it. Under Murphy’s leadership, I recognized my own pride and purpose.

I want every State College resident to benefit from the same leadership and find their pride and purpose. I’m voting Daniel Murphy for State College Borough Council on May 16.

Chris Eggerman,

State College