Letters to the Editor

Cantorna wants to focus on the issues

Take the time to compare the individuals running for district attorney.

Realize that this is an important race and the outcome will impact you, how your tax money is spent and how both victims and perpetrators of crimes will be treated.

Know that the lack of political jabs at his opponent means that Bernard Cantorna wants to run by focusing on the issues. Let the lack of “mean speak” signal to you that he has integrity, and a willingness to focus on issues and not social media fodder.

Cantorna has been my lawyer for 15 years; he often picks up his own phone, he remembers, he cares and he’ll tell it to you straight, even if it may not be what you want to hear. You can count on him, and he needs to count on you to take some time to see who he is, and to believe that he can do the job of district attorney for the benefit of all of us, as individuals, and also for the benefit of our greater community. Vote!

Renée Kredell, Bellefonte