Letters to the Editor

Hold Thompson accountable

House Republicans and President Trump are congratulating themselves over the May 4 passage of Trumpcare, an ill-considered and rushed replacement for the Affordable Care Act that will: throw 24 million Americans off health care; increase premiums for the poor and elderly, allowing insurance companies to charge older customers as much as they want; increase deductibles; remove guaranteed minimum coverage standards, so that your insurance may not cover things such as hospital care, emergency care, pregnancy or mental health; remove protections for patients with pre-existing conditions; allow annual and lifetime limits on coverage, which were banned under the ACA; threaten coverage of Americans who get health insurance through their employers; cut Medicaid by $880 billion; and cut taxes for the wealthy by hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Band-aid added to the bill at the last minute to provide some protection for customers with pre-existing conditions is inadequately funded. Our congressional representative, Glenn Thompson, is complicit in this attack on American health care, having voted for a bill that would end health care coverage for up to 50,000 of his constituents. He is up for election next year — hold him accountable for this.

David Burrows, Boalsburg