Letters to the Editor

‘Where is your conscience?’

Anyone who really wants to know which Americans Don, Paul, Glenn and the rest of the Republicans really represent need only to look at the health care law they passed May 4.

The rich get at least six tax breaks, which are estimated to be worth at least $600 billion; eliminated the Medicare surcharge on earnings above $200,000; eliminated the Medicare tax on investment income; doubled the limits for tax-deductible contributions to health savings accounts; eliminated the caps for tax-deductible contributions to flexible spending accounts; increased the income limit for those who can get tax credits to help pay for health insurance to $215,000; reduced the penalty for using HSA funds for non-medical expenses.

Meanwhile, millions of hard-working lower income and vulnerable Americans will lose part or all of their coverage, or they will pay more to retain it. There is absolutely nothing in the bill to support the Republicans’ claim that premiums and deductibles will go down and choices will go up.

Glenn, I ask you again, where are your conscience and compassion?

Jim Maund, State College