Letters to the Editor

Thompson made the right choice

I’m relieved that Rep. Glenn Thompson voted in favor of repealing Obamacare. The federal takeover of health care has caused nothing but harm to my family members, friends and neighbors.

Despite President Obama promising that people could keep their doctors, the opposite happened. Despite promises from Nancy Pelosi that premiums would decrease, they went through the roof. Don’t forget her comment (you need to pass it to know what’s in it) phrase.

What happened to letting the individual decide what is best for their family? What happened to trusting the doctor-patient relationship? Obamacare showed us what can happen when the federal government gets too involved in our lives —and it wasn’t pretty.

While I wasn’t excited with the CDT’s headline “Rep. Thompson says he will not vote in favor of proposed GOP health care bill,” after reading the article, I found that Thompson’s concerns with the bill were well justified and he was working to make it better. I’m happy we have someone representing us in Washington who can speak up and lend his experience and knowhow to do what is right.

I’ve been impressed that Thompson remains steady when faced with challenges from a vocal minority of radical leftists who portray themselves as “concerned citizens.” I think they should come clean with their true intentions, which are to disrupt and distract from the work Thompson is doing for his constituents.

Thank you, Thompson, for voting to put me back in charge of my health care.

Carol Gingrich, Spring Mills