Letters to the Editor

Bish checks all the right boxes

Having known Justin Bish for a long time, I can attest he possesses the integrity, competence, character and trustworthiness required of a district judge. As an avid hunter and fisherman, I’ve witnessed Bish’s love for the outdoors on a number of occasions compliment his professional life through his tireless work ethic, respected treatment of others and passion for public service.

Growing up in a blue-collar household like myself, Bish understands the importance of one’s character, credibility and reputation within a tight-knit community. As a judge, I am confident his thoughtful approach to each case, coupled with his knowledge of the law, will be an asset for the local judicial system.

Through his experience as an attorney, service member and conservationist, his interactions with others have proven time and time again he is the real deal who can get the job done. Bish has the substantive knowledge to be a successful district judge, but more importantly, possesses the character and intangibles to be a trustworthy individual on the bench.

Robert Caccese,

State College