Letters to the Editor

Wake up, borough voters

In this year’s primary election on May 16, there are three borough council positions to be filled. In case you are unaware, Penn State students have organized by campaigning for students, especially those in fraternities and sororities, to request absentee ballots. They are supporting three candidates in an attempt to “reclaim” State College. (For more information see www.bugpac.org). Given that candidates in the past have been elected by a mere 600-plus votes, it is not inconceivable that their campaign will be successful.

Why should you care? One issue that is paramount to their concerns is a change in zoning regulations. Currently regulations are in place to prevent more than three unrelated students sharing a house. Without that regulation a house in your neighborhood could be taken over by as many students as they could cram in.

Growing up in State College, that is what happened in my childhood neighborhood before these regulations took effect. The neighborhood essentially became a student-housing block. I feel students should be given a voice, but as they are only here for four years and do not substantially contribute to the tax base, it should be a limited voice. So, wake up borough residents. Do your homework, and please vote on May 16.

Jean A. Dietrich, State College