Letters to the Editor

Cantorna is the person for the job

Write a letter to the editor for Bernie Cantorna? There is a possibility that he is a place marker, a stand-in during a time of chaos until we can find someone better. I couldn’t write this letter until I knew different.

I got the chance to watch Cantorna field some difficult questions. He says he is not a politician. That is true. He simply answered the questions: no redirect to talking points, no answering a question he decided to answer, just authenticity. He was someone who saw the challenge as an opportunity to show us who he is, and eagerly embraced it.

Hard questions are not best used to reveal knowledge, though that is useful as well. They better reveal character. No one has all the answers. What we need in leaders instead is humility and willingness to get to the bigger, harder questions. Character is an essential pathway to better knowledge, empathy, engagement and integrity, ignoring what is popular to do what is right. Character ensures that his vast experience will be put to good use. It ensures that he will “do better when he knows better” as Maya Angelou advised.

Our DA office needs to “do better” and “know better.” It is a quality of life issue. We cannot do hard work at ground level just to have bad outcomes when systematic issues are met with the same unworkable solutions. Cantorna convinced me he is the person for the job. I’m glad I can write that. Authentically.

Kim Frankenfield-Pro, State College