Letters to the Editor

Candidates get housing issues

The BugPAC says its goal is to “make State College more inclusive and welcoming to all residents.”

That was part of the rhetoric of the movement last year to redefine graduate students as non-students for the limits on student housing in State College. The student housing ordinance puts limits on how close to each other student homes (one- and two-family residences in the R-2 zoning district that have student permits) can be located to each other.

The stated thought of those pushing for this redefinition was to make it easier for grad students to rent houses in the borough. It was also thought that this would make rents cheaper and be more inclusive for lower-income people. The flip side of this is that it would make purchasing a house to rent to graduate students more profitable.

This flip side was never discussed by those pushing for this change. This will not decrease the rents, this will just drive out of the borough those who cannot afford to pay $800 plus per month per person. Why rent to a family when you can get $2,400 per month? This would be so much more money than renting to people who actually have jobs at PSU or one of the businesses downtown. It also drives up the price of a house.

The BugPAC is trying to improperly simplify this complicated issue.

Vote for Theresa Lafer, Evan Myers and Rylie Cooper. They understand these issues.

Eric Boeldt, State College