Letters to the Editor

Choose Hahn for mayor

Borough voters have a talented pool of mayoral candidates from which to choose. For me, the question is: What is the best team that the voters can elect to govern our community?

Kathy Dauler and Janet Engeman both currently hold policy-making positions on the borough council. Neither one is up for re-election … they each have two years remaining on their terms. I appreciate the skills, insights and experience they bring to the council. And I want to see them remain on the council.

Michael Black is well-spoken and the owner of a locally owned small business. Over the years, he has had occasional dealings with borough government. But serving as mayor would require a lot of on-the-job training. I’d like to see Black broaden his portfolio by serving on a borough authority, board or commission before making the leap into an elected position.

Don Hahn is my choice for mayor in this election. Hahn’s service on the borough council, the Redevelopment Authority, the CDBG Advisory Committee, and the State College Land Trust gives him a good feel for the challenges that the borough faces. He has demonstrated support for the borough’s sustainability initiatives, neighborhood preservation and cooperation with neighboring municipalities. He understands the impact of state and federal government on borough finances and is willing to take a leadership role in securing more resources for the borough.

Please join me in going to the polls and voting for Don Hahn for mayor.

Jon Eich, State College