Letters to the Editor

If Parks Miller wins, we win

I believe that in the upcoming election for district attorney, we must ignore innuendos and smears and focus on experience and results.

I am voting for Stacy Parks Miller because she is the first DA who has drawn the line on Penn State’s alcohol excess and said, “Enough.” She is the first DA who has backed up law enforcement by prosecuting difficult prisoner-on-staff assault cases and won. She has been an advocate and leader in addressing victims’ rights, domestic violence, the heroin epidemic and animal abuse. She is the first DA who has educated the public on critical social and criminal matters. And, though she is law and order, she has come down hard on those who need prison time while giving less risky cases a second chance and an opportunity to change their lives.

Stacy takes a stand and is lambasted for her effectiveness, but the job is getting done and Centre County needs her to keep fighting these issues. Why change? She wins, we win.

John McCullough, Pennsylvania Furnace