Letters to the Editor

DA experience matters

The job of district attorney requires experience. Law school alone does not qualify one to be a DA. A DA needs to earn their stripes through prosecuting crimes, and, only when expertly trained, ask for this job that affects lives forever — victims, defendants, and by extension, all of us in this community.

DAs are one of a handful of people in Pennsylvania that can ask to end a person’s life, legally. The responsibility is enormous. The idea that someone would ask for this job and the power that comes with it, when they have not yet prosecuted so much as a speeding ticket, gives me grave concerns.

I have previously lived in a county where a defense attorney — unproven as a prosecutor — became DA, only to watch a number of cases subsequently get dropped or mishandled. In contrast, Stacy Parks Miller has successfully handled thousands of crimes for us since taking office, including several murders and other serious charges.

I have observed how she has helped bring justice to numerous victims, and applaud her proactive efforts with drug court. I support her ability to tell the difference between violent criminals and people who deserve a second chance. She clearly has the experience where it counts, and has earned my trust.

The bottom line: Victims are not “guinea pigs,” and our community simply cannot afford a DA with zero prosecution experience. My vote is going to the proven Parks Miller.

Nick J. Smith, State College