Letters to the Editor

Murphy the best candidate

Dan Murphy is not just a candidate for State College Borough Council — he is the candidate.

Dan brings to the table a zest for listening to and caring about others, for creating effective solutions that bridge gaps in communities, and for instilling a desire within those around him to work to better the ways in which our community functions and lives.

I’ve gotten to know Dan as a boss, as a friend and as a human being, and I’ve never met someone with such a tremendous ability to activate and cultivate groups of people to think and achieve in different ways.

Dan’s work and involvement with both student life and long-term residency make him the most versatile, qualified and relatable candidate.

I’m voting for Dan Murphy because I’ve seen the tangible and intangible ways he’s affected others’ lives, including mine.

I’m voting for Dan Murphy because he puts the voices and needs of his fellow community members far above his own.

I’m voting for Dan Murphy because I know he will work tirelessly to lessen the disconnect between students and long-term residents and will redefine our community for the better.

I’m voting for Dan Murphy because of who he is, what he does and the ways in which I believe and know he will improve not only the borough, but also the lives of those around him.

Vote Dan Murphy for State College Borough Council on May 16.

Kendall Brodie, State College