Letters to the Editor

Dauler a unifying force

The mayor of State College represents the entire community. He or she must rise above politics: anyone wishing to make policy should be running for the borough council.

A good mayor should have a thorough understanding of local government, preferably based on experience; and have no ax to grind, nor any local business interest that might influence his or her decisions.

Cathy Dauler has 14 years’ experience of serving on the Borough Council. She has a thorough understanding of State College’s form of government. She respects the police, the firefighters and the faith community, as well as the dedicated borough manager and public servants who shoulder the task of putting borough council policies into practice.

She is open to the many different points of view that are inevitable in a university town. Her daughter was a Penn State student and she has worked tirelessly to build strong neighborhoods that strike a good balance between owner-occupiers and their student neighbors. She has also been very involved in improving the downtown area, by providing the infrastructure and services that make State College a safe and attractive place to work and live.

Cathy Dauler has proved her worth by many years of unpaid and sometimes thankless work in local government. She will be a unifying force in our community and serve everyone in State College well as an excellent, dignified mayor.

Mary Gage, State College