Letters to the Editor

Parks Miller tough on drug dealers

April 7, 2016, has little or no significance to most people. For me, it was the worst day of my life. This was the day they found my son dead, from a heroin/fentanyl overdose.

He was my only child and I miss him every day. He was sick. Everyone now recognizes addiction as a disease. I’ve learned much since that day and met quite a few people along the way, too.

The very first time I met Stacy Parks Miller, it was at a town hall meeting on the heroin and opioid epidemic gripping our community. She knew who I was. She knew who my son was. She took my hand and held it tight as she vowed that these drug dealers would be shown no mercy. I have no doubt she meant it.

Catching the dealer who killed my son won’t bring him back. It won’t ease my pain. It will, however, give me peace of mind knowing that he won’t be able to push his poison on your child, your sister, your brother, your parents.

I’m asking you to vote to keep Stacy Parks Miller as our district attorney — not for me or my son, but for you and yours.

Veronica Gower, Spring Mills