Letters to the Editor

Take back justice system

The citizens of Centre County deserve an intelligent, ethical and experienced district attorney to represent all our citizens in matters of law. I believe Bernie Cantorna is the right person for the job.

I encourage you to educate yourself about Bernie’s extensive background in law and to join the many esteemed members of our community who have publicly endorsed Bernie — including the Fraternal Order of Police, Mayor Elizabeth Goreham, former state Rep. Ruth Rudy, Dr. Helen Wise and Commissioner Steve Dershem. They are putting their own reputations on the line to help make a much-needed change.

I have followed closely the lawsuits and disruptions brought by current DA Stacy Parks Miller. I’m disappointed that she can even legally be a candidate for office since she has ongoing litigation with the very entity that employs and pays her tax-based salary. She sued the very citizens she represents, all the while asking for their vote. In case you have lost track, the federal judge threw out her case but, nevertheless, she has appealed and the case continues to wind its way through our courts. Think about that.

Tellingly, endorsements for Bernie cross party lines. If you are a Republican, you can write in “Bernie Cantorna.”

We must all get out and vote. Our community is in dire need of a change.

Rosalie Keene, State College