Letters to the Editor

Cantorna works for victims

Bernie Cantorna works hard for victims. His dedication to persons who have been wronged and the countless hours he has spent working to correct those wrongs is admirable.

He successfully represented a woman who was victimized by a psychologist when the psychologist had the victim participate in carbon dioxide therapy. He successfully represented a woman who was subjected to questionable practices by a local estates attorney. Both of these cases went to trial and the verdicts for the victims were upheld by appellate courts.

On the contrary, his opponent has had a murder conviction and a child abuse conviction overturned by the appellate courts, resulting in additional tax dollars being spent on retrials and victims having to relive their trauma.

As a former prosecutor, I can tell you that there is no magic in being a prosecutor. To be a successful prosecutor, one has to be honest, work hard, listen to others and do the research to properly prepare a case. Obviously, Bernie possesses these skills based on his experience as a trial attorney.

Bernie is publicly supported by the men and women of law enforcement — the Fraternal Order of Police endorsement. I have heard his opponent state that she is supported by five out of six law enforcement agencies, but I have yet to see anything publicly from those agencies. You all know someone in law enforcement — ask them who they support and why.

Bernie has my vote next Tuesday and I ask that you vote for him, too.

Karen G. Muir, Philipsburg